Why we're different

Recovering outstanding receivables with care & consistency for more than 30 years.

Our Expertise

Our expertise encompasses the Telecommunication, Cable, Utility, Healthcare, Property Management, Commercial and Financial Service markets. Our broad knowledge of industry best-practices equip us to tailor full-service solutions which meet any need. Decades of proven industry experience, coupled with cutting edge technology and innovative strategies, result in greater efficiencies and maximized return to our clients.

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Our Strategy

AmSher’s systematic collection strategies combine both the use of conventional external scoring analytics and our own proprietary algorithm. Our sophisticated statistical model leverages consumer behavioral data and specific account attributes to direct ongoing collection activity. This predictive methodology has been perfected through the years and is exclusive to AmSher, giving us a definitive advantage over our competitors.

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Our People

Our greatest strength lies in our people. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on the shared traditions and core values rooted in AmSher’s history. We maintain a deep commitment to quality service and its relation to the Sher name. A heavy focus on training and development ensures that the individual performance of each AmSher team member serves to uphold the reputation we’ve built over three decades.

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